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  • In Florida, nearly four million people rely on the Medicaid program for access to health care services. Most of them are low-income children. Florida is one of 14 states that has not yet expanded its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act. Do you support Medicaid expansion in Florida?

Our Reply:


Expanded Medicaid coverage could offsets state-funded services in other programs. For example, some behavioral health services for the uninsured currently paid for by the state could be covered through expanded Medicaid.  Additional fiscal gains may occur in corrections, public health, and uncompensated care for uninsured Florida residents.

  • What legislation and/or policies should the state pursue in respect to healthcare access for all Floridians? Please address access to reproductive healthcare as well in your answer.

Our Reply: A Sun-Sentinel article by Cindy Krischer Goodman read “Millions of Floridians Now Living Without Health Insurance” on May 23, 2019.  Over a year later, in the face of COVID-19, these numbers have only increased. Our campaign supports Medicaid Expansion. Along with providing coverage for millions of a study by the Commonwealth Fund project, the expansion would inject $14.3 billion in new federal dollars into the state over five years.

Florida Constitution protects the right to have a choice as a right of privacy for women. Whether making decisions regarding one’s reproductive health care alone, with their spouse or significant other, in consultation with their doctor, considering religious beliefs or economic situations, it is still a right of privacy. Our campaign advocates on behalf of every woman to have a choice regarding her reproductive health care. We are just as passionate about every man’s decision regarding his reproductive health care.



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