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100 Days of Voters Voices on Our Issues

The People's Platform



You have the power of the pen.

This is your opportunity to write a proposed law about an issue which concerns you.

Please write to us by clicking on the share with us button. We are here to represent you.

We are listening.

Stephanie’s campaign platform is known as “The People’s Platform” because she firmly believes being a representative is about “Representing the People.” The People of District 32 are everyone who interacts through living, learning, working, praying, and playing within its communities. The People’s Platform focus concerns on topics received from having conversations with the people of District 32 such as: “Education; Quality of Living; Immigration; Civic & Economic Empowerment; and the Environment." Let us hear your voice on your concerns today as we kick off the campaign  with “100 Days of Voters Voices on Their Issues".


Click Here for Lake County's Education News

During the next 100 days share what laws you would write concerning "Education". Click on the "Share with Us" Button.

Quality of Living

Please contact us and share other areas which are important to you under the issue of "Quality of Living".

Some stated Senior Living and The Florida Depart of Elder Affairs website stated below:


The Environment

The People's Platform

Share with us your passion for the beauty of our lakes and hills. We are listening and want to hear your voice. What state law would you write?

Click here for the Website: 
The mission of the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District is to reach out to communities and schools to teach the value of natural resources and encourage conservation efforts.

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